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Buying or Selling a Home? We Provide Swimming Pool Real Estate Inspections!
Accurate Leak Detection
Stop costly water loss! Accurate leak detection allows for repairs to be made with minimal disruption to your backyard. Often the process of searching for a leak, can cause more damage and expense, than the leak itself . First, using a water loss computer, we rule out evaporation and splash out. Then, with the use of specialized leak detection equipment (pressure testing-LeakTrac-Sonar-Scuba) we pinpoint the leak and fix it. Job done once.
 Concrete Pools, Fountains & Waterfalls: Renovations and Repairs
Thinking of a complete renovation of your entire backyard living space? Or just a 'facelift' to freshen up the look a bit? Want to correct flaws or repair damaged surfaces? Call us we can do it: Coping, Waterline Tiles, Marbelite, Fresh Paint, Acid Washing, Sandblasting and Patching. We want to help!
Liner Replacements
Nothing will update the look of your backyard faster than a new liner. There are literally a 100 different color combinations to select. Pick one match the deck, harmonize with the landscaping or complement your home. Then sit back, we will custom measure your pool, remove and dispose of the old liner, repair any imperfections on the walls and floor. Then in one day a stunningly beautiful new liner!

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Buying or Selling a Home? We Provide Swimming Pool Real Estate Inspections!