Salt Pools
The Pristiva® Perfect Pool: Impeccable Silky Smooth Water & Superior Clarity.
Clarity Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Experienced Before! 

Servicing Salt Water Pools for Superior Clarity

 The most obvious sign of a great pool is sparkling clear water. Swimming pool water that you just want to jump into.
Our ultimate goal when maintaining your pool is sparkling clear water. Water that feels exceptional on the skin and hair and is gentle on the eyes and nose.

Pool salt is the single most important product that you will put into your pool. 

 We start with the best quality salt available...Pristiva Pool Salt. Then, to improve the water clarity even more, we apply Pristiva's Primer. Primer is specifically designed to enhance a salt water pool and delivers astounding clarity and wonderfully feeling water. Finally, once a month, we shock with Pristiva Shock. Pristiva Shock is the only shock treatment needed.​